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Yuxi Lyu’s
  1. Yuxi Lyu is an interdisciplinary designer and visual artist living in NYC. She received her MPS degree in communication design from the Parsons School of Design and BFA in fine art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is committed to creating avant-garde human-centered UX/UI design that positively affects society.


4. Dream and Subconsciousness


Dream and Subconsciousness
Riso printing

Sleep disorders can cause people to dream about strange scenarios. For example, a woman with long hair and no face repeatedly appears in my dreams.

In Freud’s interpretation of dreams, he suggests that “dreams originate from people’s initially irrelevant impressions and childhood experiences.”This idea plausibly explains the creation of the image of the faceless woman with long hair. This image stems from the lack of impressions of my mother in my childhood.

Based on this theory, this work is a collection of 30 of my dreams, each reflecting my concerns, problems, and pains from childhood to adulthood. I use the Riso printing as a medium to highlight these images. In order to have a better interaction between the audience and the dreams, I use games and symbols to unfold each dream. This game system simulates a combinatio lottery and a dice roll in a temple. The player rolls the dice, and the corresponding symbols filtered out can be compared with the cards' corresponding numbers.

Riso printing