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     1. Island Breeze
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2020-2021 ++
  1. Raise The Red Lantern

  2. Grasping Recollection
  3. Cocoon 19
  4. Dream

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  1. Playhouse (series)
  2. Why Did You Enter My Life (series)
  3. Babysnail
  4. Rosy

Yuxi Lyu’s
  1. Yuxi Lyu is an interdisciplinary designer and visual artist living in NYC. She received her MPS degree in communication design from the Parsons School of Design and BFA in fine art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is committed to creating avant-garde human-centered UX/UI design that positively affects society.


1. Raise The Red Lantern


Raise The Red Lantern 
Video installation

After watching the movie "Raise The Red Lantern", adapted from Su Tong's novel, it ignited the feminist consciousness. The film is about a murder case that arises from a dispute over love and power between the master's three wives after a college girl marries into the Chen house as a concubine. The master will light a lantern in front of the house of any wife that pleases him, and once the wives violate the house rules, the master will extinguish her lantern. The temptation to light the lanterns became a reason for the women to conspire and compete.

In this work, I used the technique of white space, keeping only red and white. The red lantern represents a symbol of honor and desire. The white symbolizes the struggle of silence and the resistance of women. In this work, I speak for women in the recitation of poetry. I collected footage from the original film and used a shredder. I collected the original film footage and used a shredder to destro poetry. In this work, I express feminist themes by exploring performative publications and video installations, where the collage of film screens and text produces a new visual narrative.

Publication digital printing

Video installation


Video screenshot

Poster installation