2022-2023 ++
    1. AIYAOrder app
    2. AIYAOne Portal

2021-2022 ++
     1. Island Breeze
     2. Artsy New Feature
     3. Tutor Orial      
     4. Path Project

2020-2021 ++
  1. Raise The Red Lantern

  2. Grasping Recollection
  3. Cocoon 19
  4. Dream

2019-2020 ++
  1. Playhouse (series)
  2. Why Did You Enter My Life (series)
  3. Babysnail
  4. Rosy

Yuxi Lyu’s
  1. Yuxi Lyu is an interdisciplinary designer and visual artist living in NYC. She received her MPS degree in communication design from the Parsons School of Design and BFA in fine art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is committed to creating avant-garde human-centered UX/UI design that positively affects society.


1. Island Breeze 

Island Breeze

Mobile • UX/UI Design

I decided to make this app about mental health because I wanted to help a best friend of mine who suffers from depression. She is not an exception; many people in life are trapped by bad emotion. They can perceive more sensitivity and vulnerability than us.

As a UX/UI designer, I want to do my part to help these people feel safe and happy. What I want to tell you is, don't worry, there is always a place in this world where you can feel understood and cared for.

App Introduction
App Name: Island Breeze
It is a mental health app that creates a safe and healing space where users can connect and engage with other like-minded users to help reduce their negative emotions.

Like the name (Island Breeze), I hope every user can feel the warmth of being cared for from here and write or find their own stories. So, let's start the journey!

App Slogan:Every Island has a story

Design Goal
This app helps users with negative emotions to soothe their feelings through a rich healing visual style and private interactive services. Provide users with interaction with 3D and AR technology.

Product Design
Visual Design
Final UI
Project Type
School Project
3 Months




Competitive Study
I selected a total of 3 relevant competing apps: Bettersleep, I Am, Betterhelp.
I analyzed the functionality of these apps and their design strengths/weaknesses as one of the inspirations to improve the Island Breeze app.

User Interview

Interview Question
I divided the questions into 4 categories and interviewed them in detail about their views.

I interviewed five people from different majors and specifically selected interviewees who are prone to emotions. Some of them have depression; others are relatively easy to be sensitive. The experiences they shared helped me better understand the needs of my target users.
We have categorized the user feedback and organized the insight and meta insight according to the user needs.

HMW Statement


Low-Fi Prototype

Mid-Fi Prototype

Mid-Fi Prototype Synthesis

Product Design

MSCW Prioritization

Site Map

User Flows & User Journey Maps 

High fidelity Prototype


Love Island
Diary Island
Wish Island
Regret Island

Final UI

Landing Page

Theme Island Exploration

Explore themed islands for different emotional needs. Helping users connect and relate with other like-minded users

Users can browse the functions of each island without logging in at this time.

Read a Letter

Selecting Read a Letter will result in a random letter with the related subject. Users can choose to reject or reply. Users who are not logged in can only view letters.

Write a letter

Choose to write a letter and write your own story! You'll receive encouragement and support from other users!

User-defined post properties. Public or private posts, turn comments on or off, add images or topics.

Comment/Bookmark other's letter

Warm interaction among users! You can comment on the letter with which you empathize, suggesting a corresponding solution or emotional support.

Bookmark your favorite letters for future reading.


1. Timeline
All letters you sent to the island will be cherished here!
2. inbox (Message)
Interactions and conversations between you and other users are saved here!

AR interaction

A fun and interactive AR experience!
Access to a beautiful island anytime, anywhere!


Search History, Recommended Topics, Trending Topics

Island Story

Poetic background story of the island


Users need to log in before they can use the interactive features of the app, such as commenting on other people's letters.

Dynamic display