2022-2023 ++
    1. AIYAOrder app
    2. AIYAOne Portal

2021-2022 ++
     1. Island Breeze
     2. Artsy New Feature
     3. Tutor Orial      
     4. Path Project

2020-2021 ++
  1. Raise The Red Lantern

  2. Grasping Recollection
  3. Cocoon 19
  4. Dream

2019-2020 ++
  1. Playhouse (series)
  2. Why Did You Enter My Life (series)
  3. Babysnail
  4. Rosy

Yuxi Lyu’s
  1. Yuxi Lyu is an interdisciplinary designer and visual artist living in NYC. She received her MPS degree in communication design from the Parsons School of Design and BFA in fine art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is committed to creating avant-garde human-centered UX/UI design that positively affects society.


2. Grasping Recollection


Grasping Recollection
Exhibition indentity
Poster design
Website design

This is a project about the School of Art Institute of Chicago's 2020 exhibition. This senior exhibition brings together the freelance work of students from all disciplines and includes four key projects: posters, brochures, business cards, and web pages. The poster uses a combination of fluorescent yellow and gray to make the message and images stand out visually. I divided the posters into two sides to maintain enough information for use in the exhibition. Next, I outlined each artwork and filled it with fluorescent yellow to create a sense of mystery to the viewer. A unified frame structure and visual elements were used to maintain harmony throughout the branding project.